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MannaFeast beats all the best! ... in a Comparison to the [very few] recommended fruit juices by the "American Fitness Professionals & Associates"

A few days ago I saw a Yahoo! front-page article on JUNK Fruit Juices ...

The gist of the piece was immediately obvious ... , "Just when you think you are buying a healthy fruit juice, all you are getting is LOADS of sugar, calories, artificial flavors ...".

But when I decided to look up the article some hours later to perhaps report on it here on the Manna Feast BLOG, ... it was gone. Bummer! Maybe there were just too many well-known brands being maligned to affect someone's advertising budget ; )

Undeterred, I decided that maybe my readers WOULD still like to know more on this topic so I Googled the search term JUNK JUICES and came across a very insightful article posted on the web site of the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA).
With the title "
Fruit Juice: Nutrition or JUNK Food ?" ... I could not wait to read on for some Juicy Details !! ....

The author, Susan O. Henry, starts out with a kind-of quiz question:
"Seven-year-old Julie drank six ounces of reconstituted frozen grape juice at breakfast, a 6.75-ounce box of Capri Sun All Natural at lunch, and a 5.3-ounce can of apple juice after school. How much fruit nutrition did Julie have?"

What would your answer be?,

let's say, as a parent aiming for a "5-to-9"-diet of fruits and vegetables for their kids? I guess, being a conscientious parent you have done your homework and followed the trends on what constitutes a serving size of fruits and vegetables (such as found on web sites like the CDC's Fruits and Vegies Matter "Analyze My Plate") and you would probably conclude that since a 4 ounce cup of apple juice
is regarded as 1/2 a serving of fruit, then Julie consumed between 2 and 3 servings, right?

“Some of them are little more than sugar water”

"WRONG !", according to Ruth M. Patrick, chief of the nutrition education program at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge. In the AFPA article she argues that, "... If you go by the definition of “junk food” — calories-only with less than 2 percent of MDR - Minimum Daily Requirement - of any nutritional value [for any of the components of the juice) — then a lot of fruit juices are junk food".
“Some of them are little more than sugar water,” according to Dr. Patrick.

WOW, ... bet you were surprised! So let's look closely at the example above for 7-year old Julie ... Susan Henry's article describes it like this,
"Julie’s house-brand apple juice contains 120 calories per serving and the label claims no food values whatever. Capri Sun delivers 100 calories per 6.75 oz. and, despite its “10% Fruit Juice” content, no nutritional value. Julie’s grape juice, like many frozen juices and punches, also carries calories without vitamins, minerals, or fiber."
The young girl Julie has been consuming ONLY calories and gained no beneficial nutrients!!

Are you getting the drift? Maybe by now you are half-way to the fridge to check out how HEALTHY the juices you consume everyday really are.

The BIG LOSERS in the juice category?
Well, so who are the big losers? For a full list just go to the article, but some examples are:

- Capri Sun All Natural, 10% fruit juice, various flavors: 100 cal/6.75 oz
- Kool Aid Bursts: 100 cal/6.75 oz bottle.
- Gatorade: 50 cal/8 oz.

Notice that these just contain calories and NO nutritional content whatsoever ... basically JUNK FOOD by definition.

"junk food" n.

Any of various prepackaged snack foods high in calories but low in nutritional value.

The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Fortified with synthetic or isolated vitamins

Then there are the juices that are high in calories but which have been fortified with synthetic or isolated vitamins, mostly vitamin C:

- Juicy Juice Berry Punch, 100% Fruit Juice: 80 cal/4.23 oz box; vitamin C 100%.
(By comparison, a serving of fresh raspberries or strawberries contains 130% of RDA of vitamin C; 2% of calcium; 2% of iron; 2 grams fiber.)
- Town House Orange Juice, frozen: 90 cal/6 oz; vitamin C 100%.
(A medium sized fresh orange contains 6% of adult RDA of potassium; 10% of vitamin A; 80% of vitamin C; 4% of calcium,1% of protein, 5% of fiber.)

OK, so now for some MIDDLE-ranked juices ...

These contain a bit more than just vitamin C and aim to add some calcium, iron or maybe some other vitamins ... most lkely still synthetic vitamins and non-organic minerals which do not exhibit the same bioavailability (intestinal absorption, cellular incorporation etc) as bio-organic vitamins and minerals. Examples listed were,

- Dole Pineapple Juice, canned: 110 cal/8 oz; C 100%; calcium 2%; Iron 4%; fiber 2 grams.
- Sunsweet Prune Juice, bottled: 180 cal/8 oz; calcium 2%; iron 10%; fiber 2 grams.
- Minute Maid Orange, bottled: 110 cal/8 oz; C 130%; calcium 2%; thiamin 10%; folate 15%.

NOW, here are the WINNERS:
... with a DRUM-roll and the blaring of Trumpets ...

- Tomato Juice, most brands: 50 cal/8 oz; A 20%; C 40%; potassium 6%; calcium 2%; iron 8%; fiber 4%.
(A fresh tomato, by comparison has approx: potassium 9%; fiber 4%; protein 1%; vitamin A 15%; C 35%; iron 2%.)
- Minute Maid Calcium Rich, refrigerated: 120 cal/8 oz; C 130%; potassium 10%; calcium 30%; thiamin 10%; folate 15%.
- Tropicana Fresh, refrigerated: 120 cal/8 oz; C 130%; potassium, 10%; calcium 2%; thiamin 10%; niacin 4%; vitamin B-6 6%; folate 25%.
- V-8 Vegetable Cocktail: 70 cal/5.5 oz; A 30%; C 60%; potassium 10%; calcium 2%; iron 4%; fiber 4%.
- All Sport Body Quencher: 70 cal/8 oz; thiamin 10%; niacin 10%; B-6 10%; B-12 10%; folate 10%; pantothenic acid 10%.


MannaFeast Beats all the very best Juices in a Comparison of Ingredients

YES, even the lowest calorie juices such as Tomato and the V-8 contain 70 cal for their serving size, but a one-scoop serving of the MannaFeast which is recommended for about about 4-16 ounces of water (so let's call it 8 ounces for comparison) contains just 38 calories total. ... MANNAFEAST WINS on calories.
The above "winners" contain at most 4% of RDA in fiber - the 1 scoop MannaFeast
has SIX (6)% ! ... MANNAFEAST WINS on fiber.
None of the above "winners" list any protein RDA ... One scoop of the MannaFeast provides 2% of RDA protein ... MANNAFEAST WINS on protein.

Now, I cannot go through a comparison of each of the synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals, since the MannaLife International does NOT put any synthetic or isolated vitamins or minerals in any of their wholefood nutrition products !!

What is the DEAL with SYNTHETIC Vitamins vs. WHOLEFOOD?

Let me explain, ... If I hand you an orange or lemon or kiwi fruit, it is impossible to tell you exactly how many milligrams of vitamin C is in that piece of fruit. It depends on how large the fruit is, how ripe it was when it was picked, how long after it has been picked since the fruit is continuously metabolizing its various biochemical components while it remains alive etc.
What I CAN tell you confidently is that these fruits are known to be very high in Vitamin C content. As soon as I claim to hand you a measured dose of vitamin C or an exact % of RDA, it MUST mean that I took some vitamin C that was either isolated from its original source or, worse still, vitamin C that never saw the inside of a piece of fruit but was chemically synthesized in a laboratory beaker, and measured out and dissolved a known quantity into the fruit juice !!

That is the same for the MannaFeast ...
What I CAN tell you is that it contains 26 different fruits and berries, of the very highest anti-oxidant capacity (based on ORAC values) known in food.
If you look at any one of these fruits in details you will find that they are LOADED with nutrients. For example, let's take the second-most abundant berries in the MannaFeast ingredient list ... Wolfberry, also known as Goji berry ...
Wikipedia reports that among an extensive list of nutrients, Wolberry contains:
11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals
18 amino acids
6 essential vitamins
8 polysaccharides and 6 monosaccharides,
5 unsaturated fatty acids, including the essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid
beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols
5 carotenoids, including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin (below), lutein, lycopene and cryptoxanthin, a xanthophyll
numerous phenolic pigments (phenols) associated with antioxidant properties

... as well as high Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) values of
Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and Vitamin C. Wolfberries also contain numerous phytochemicals for which there are no established DRI values such as Beta-carotene, Zeaxanthin (wolfberry is one of the richest edible plant sources known for zeaxanthin; a type of carotenoid linked to important health benefits for the eyes and retina especially)

This is just ONE of the 26 fruits and berries that is in the MannaFeast ... and I haven't even mentioned the TWENTY-SIX nutrient dense Vegetables and Greens ALSO found in the MannaFeast ... !!!!!!!!

"... [The] nutrients are processed out,”

So what is the problem with even the best of fruit juices you can buy at the grocery stores?

Let's go back to the AFPA article, I started this blog with ...,
"... [The] nutrients are processed out,” says Holly Berry, an Oregon State University Extension home economist. “Heat destroys some of the vitamins, and fiber and minerals in skins, pulp, and berry seeds are filtered out and discarded.”

Not so with the MannaFeast ... Our proprietary process known as MannaFresh does not use heat or pasteurization to dry or preserve the juice powders. This keeps the bio-nutrients ALIVE. Secondly, if you have already started using the MannaFeast you will notice it has a slight texture at times with some small particles evident. That is because the process captures the active ingredients in the fruits and vegetables and these may be small seed particles, bits of pulp etc. That is the GOOD STUFF according to Ms Berry and should be consumed.

So, there you have it ... the MannaFeast is not just a winning juice ... it's LIVE, RAW, WHOLEFOOD that delivers optimum levels of nutrition to your body on a daily basis.
I am having a FEAST using the MannaFeast every day and THAT is why I am excited to recommend and sell this product and why it is the basis of a successful Home-Based Network Marketing business. I eat well, get the best in nutrition and represent the best tasting LIVE wholefood juice on the market ... That is a Winning Combination !!

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